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Below are rules we feel help keep everyone on the lakes safe. Please be sure to review these rules and share with visitors and renters.

  • You are responsible for the behavior of your children, pets, guests and renters. Complaints of reckless conduct on lake association property should first be reported to the offender, then the homeowner or the proper authorities.


  • You are responsible for keeping your pets leashed and under control at all times and for are cleaning up after them.


  • Turtle Island and Sharp’s Landing are private properties and trespassing is not allowed. New “No Trespassing” signs have been place all around the island for easy viewing.

  • All Emerald and Sylvan Lake roads are private and are maintained by the Emerald Sylvan Lake Association. Users accept all risks in using these roads.

  • Motorized vehicles must observe the 10 MPH speed limit around the lake roads.

  • Pedestrians have the right of way at all times!

  • Driving of motorized vehicles on lake association roads is limited to those individuals legally licensed to drive by the State of Michigan.

  • Before 11:00 AM and after 7:30 PM are “NO WAKE” hours. “NO WAKE” speed means the slowest speed at which it is still possible to maintain steering and which does not create a wake.

  • Please do not dive or fish under or around the bridge.
    The bridge is a "NO WAKE" zone and is not to be skied or tubed under.

  • Be sure your raft is visible! Flags and reflectors can help with this.

  • Boaters must travel counterclockwise around the lake.  Passing should be on the left.

  • Boaters must observe the “NO WAKE” zones around the bridges and other designated areas.

  • Boaters must stay at least 100 feet from shoreline, any moored or anchored vessel, dock or raft and any marked swimming areas or person(s) in the water.

  • Do NOT drive boats between any rafts and the shore.

  • Non-motorized watercraft such as sailboats, kayaks, paddle boats etc. have the right of way.

  • Passengers of pontoon boats must ride within the deck area. Do not allow people to dangle feet off the front of the pontoon while moving. 

  • Those less than 14 years of age may NOT legally operate a Personal Watercraft (PWC).

  • Those 14 and 15 years of age may operate a PWC legally ONLY IF they obtain a boating safety certificate AND…

    • He or she is accompanied on board by his or her parent or legal guardian or by a person at least 21 years old who has been designated by the parent or legal guardian or…

    • He or she is operating or riding the PWC at a distance of not more than 100 feet from his or her parent or legal guardian or from a person at least 21 years of age who has been designated by the parent or legal guardian.

  • Those at least 16 years of age and born after December 31, 1978, may operate a PWC legally only if they have obtained a boating safety certificate.
  • Those born on or before December 31, 1978 may operate a PWC legally without restrictions.

For more detailed information regarding boating rules and regulations click the links below or click the Michigan Boating Handbook to download a PDF.
  • Please report reckless and unlawful boating to the DNR at (517) 373.1263 in the Lansing Office. They will refer to the local officers. 
  • The Sheriff Department number is (231) 689.7303 or in case of an emergency call 911.

  • Boaters should stay 150 yards or more from loons.  Boating too close too loons may cause them to abandon their nest or young. You can help conserve loons by enjoying them from a distance.

  • We realize we have small lakes and this will not always be possible, please use your best judgment.

  • For more information visit the Michigan Recreational Boating Information System (MRBIS) website.

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