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Oak Leaf

The Oak Leaf Club has been an important part of both Emerald and Sylvan Lakes since it was founded in 1911. Members meet for a business meeting on the second Thursday of July and host a salad luncheon on the second Thursday of August.

Most recently, the Oak Leaf Club has constructed bulletin boards at the entrances to help keep the lakes informed with the latest lake happenings. Additionally, the Club is always ready to welcome new owners on the lake to the community.  New owners packets are provided to help residents learn the lakes.  The Emerald Sylvan Lake Directory and an excellent scrapbook, Bridging Our Past...Scrapbook Highlites from a Past Era are also made possible by this organization.  The Club also has erected street signs around the lake. 

In the past the club erected and cared for kerosene lights which were once on the bridge, replaced the markers on the sunken barge with kegs, and put up signs keeping dogs off the bathing beach.  

The club raises funds for all these projects and others by selling apparel, hats, mugs, and totes.

Dj Krum

Oak Leaf Club President

Emerald Lake

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