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ESLA Board Meeting Minutes August 2023

August 26th, 2023, 9:00 am EST @Beth Kiekintveld House

Submitted by Dan Patrick (Secretary) and Beth Kiekintveld


  1. Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance 9:00 am

    1. Present: Brian Gray, Kevin Pasma, Beth Kiekintveld, Sandy Morse, Dan Patrick, Tim Piccard, Jay Graham, Kevin Self, DJ Krum (Oak Leaf Club)

  2. Approval of past minutes – Brian moved to approve, all approved

  3. Treasurer's Report (Sandy)

    1. Motion to approve the report (Brian), Beth (second), all approved

    2. Budget for 2024 will be set in May 2024 and approved at the all-member meeting in June 2024, Tim thought it should be set sooner

    3. Dan shared that the Bylaws allow for formation of a Finance committee which can assist the treasurer with their duties including setting and tracking of the budget

  4. Safety Report (DJ) 

    1. Looking into signage for Centerline for golf carts, requesting that people don’t go under the bridge, show people where to operate wake boats, etc.

  5. Old Business

    1. Bridge update 

      1. Brian talked with Tom, he would like some members to review the current plan and make recommendations

        1. Tim, Kevin, and Jay volunteered

        2. Tim suggested a contest asking members for what they want to see from an aesthetic perspective, people can enter ideas, and then general membership votes

  6. Committee Reports

    1. Lakes 

      1. Treatment was less than expected this year

      2. Beth has a list of those that didn’t approve of lake treatment at their property, will circulate to Board, Tim is going to talk to them

      3. Dan reminded Board that the Bylaws allow for a Fish (and Wildlife) committee, thought Board should consider adding one so that Beth can focus on the Lake Committee. This committee would specifically address carp and geese.

    2. Safety

      1. Jay suggested that the speed bumps need to be painted yellow

    3. Roads

      1. No comments on report

      2. Kevin mentioned that road costs have reduced due to the increased percentage of asphalt 

  7. New Business

    1. Election of Officers and Committee Chairs

      1. Jay will be Liaison between the Board and Safety Committee

      2. Sandy elected Treasurer (nominated by Brian, seconded by Beth, all approved)

      3. Tim volunteered to serve as Lead for Finance committee

      4. Fish (and wildlife) Committee – new committee supported by Board, seeking a Lead

    2. Boulevard Regulations 

      1. Only the township can regulate the boats, cars, etc. parked on the boulevard

    3. Airbnb/rental discussion

      1. Kevin Self will be drafting a list of simple guidelines that hosts can give to renters and post in their cottage, strongly recommended but unenforceable by the Board

  8. Suggestions from the Board (open forum)

    1. Dan recommended that Board members take the virtual MSU lakes course if they haven’t already, cost is reimbursed later

    2. Dan suggested that we aim for release of a newsletter each quarter (e.g., January, April, July, October), Dan volunteered to organize newsletter and will solicit content from Board members. Once content is generated, Beth suggested others can help with formatting 

  9. Schedule for Future Meeting

    1. Need to find Saturday in October that works for all Board members

      1. The bridge committee and finance committees should try to meet before the next Board meeting in October so updates can be shared

      2. Beth suggested that the Board meet virtually in January or February to reduce the large gap between the fall and spring Board meetings – Board agreed

  10. Adjourn (Brian moved, Beth seconded, all approved) 10:32 am

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