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Board Meeting Minutes August8/22


ESLA Fall Board Minutes

Saturday August 27, 2022, at 9am

Kevin Pasma’s house



  1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

    1. Members present: Brian Gray, Janet Chapman, Zach wood, Sandy Morse, Tom Flemming, Lisa Howland, Beth Kiekintveld, Kevin Pasma, and DJ Krum (representing Oak Leaf Club).  Absent with notice was new member Dan Patrick.  Also joining by phone was Patty Geary, an outgoing member.

    2. Guest: Jim Beadle – Bridge committee/volunteer


  1. Welcome newly elected members

    1. Sandy Morse; Dan Patrick; Beth Kiekintveld - returning


  1. Approval of Proposed Agenda

    1. Motion to approve the agenda by Janet C, Lisa H seconded, motion passed.


  1. Approval of Past Minutes

    1. Discussion:  Should we make the board meeting minutes available to the association via the website.

    2. Motion to put the minutes and agendas on the website by Tom F, seconded by Janet C, motion passed.


  1. Treasurer report

    1. 175 members paid, in 2021 180 members paid.

    2. $3,894.11 in checking and $30,754.67 in savings for a total of $34,648.78.

    3. Dues per property are $150, actual cost per property is $165.  As of the report date $26,200 in dues collected (one person pays only $100), gifts received of $2,500 for a total of $28,500.  We will make our budget this year with the help of gifts received, but it is tight.

    4. Discussion: How long have the dues been $150 a year, an educated guess was over 10 years ago.  Proposal to vote at 2023 annual membership meeting to raise dues to $200 effective January 2024.

    5. Motion to increase dues to $200 made by Zach W., seconded by Sandy M., motion passed.

    6. Motion to approve treasures report made by Beth K, seconded by Zach W., motion passed.


  1. Committee Reports

    1. Oak Leaf Club – DJ

      1. 2023 meeting dates were reported, details will be posted on the website.

      2. 2023 4th of July activities were reported, details will be posted on the website.

      3. Corn Roast:  Proceeds very close to budget this year - made $50

        1. Suggested sponsorship – could be families around the lakes or businesses.  Most prizes were donated.

        2. Attendance was good, the count for this year was 151 people.

      4. Fireworks:

        1. The cost for insurance is high

        2. Suggestion to “pool” funds from individual fireworks displays and have one large display.

    2. Web – Brian G.

      1. Brian G. is taking over the website from Justin

      2. Working on getting online payment capabilities set up, goal is by January.

    3. Roads – Kevin P.

      1. Roads are in decent shape, still struggling with some equipment issues this summer.

      2. Emerald Lake - Rip rap on the shore where the road is in danger of collapsing into the lake if not repaired.

        1. Volunteers are needed for this repair.

    4. Bridge - Jim Beetle

      1. The arch has been unsuccessful in restricting the size of vehicles.

      2. Bridge maintenance needs.

        1. Repair broken welds, secure main beam to hold it in place on abutments. Guardrails need repairs, 40% or less is attached. Sandblasting and steel epoxy paint.

        2. Plans to construct a size restrictor have been discussed, “gates” to be placed at both entrances of the bridge.

        3. The arch needs to be repaired, can wait till winter.

      3. Cost of repairs

        1. $5,500 to $6,000 bridge structure

        2. $1,000 for gate construction, subject to change

        3. $500 to repair the arch

      4. Camera

        1. The current system has internet issues, trail-cam option with cellular no internet needed

      5. Motion to spend $6,000 on bridge maintenance by Zach W. seconded by Tom F., motion passed.

      6. Motion to spend $1,500 to fix arch and add size limiters by Zach W. seconded by Tom F., motion passed.

    5. Lakes –Beth K. and Zach W.

      1. Eelgrass is spreading on both lakes

      2. Discussed turning lake treatments over to a lake improvement board

        1. Not moving forward

      3. Geese

        1. Controlling depends on 2023 laws with avian flu, most likely try nest destruction again.

      4. Carp

        1. Community interest in constructing cages like what Hess Lake did this past summer.



    1. Safety – Chair needed

      1. Patty discussed outside committee’s solutions to blind intersections on Centerline Road and Old Dam Road, talking with Newaygo County Road Commission, Centerline is a county road.

      2. Bridge signage

      3. Kayakers’ safety

        1. Wake boats/traffic - Make people aware of issues/suggestions

      4. Low utility pole lines

      5. Patty heading up the outside committee of 5 people, we will let her know who Board Chair will be.


  1. Old Business

    1. Spongy Moth (formerly Gypsy Moth)

    2. New meeting place – Newaygo High School


  1. New Business

    1. Online payment of dues – implement before January 2023

    2. Membership duties for board members or volunteers

      1. Meeting in October to discuss

    3. Janet is stepping down as treasurer

      1. Sandy Morse will work with Janet to take over as treasurer when her term ends.

    4. Large wake issue

      1. Information on Minnesota University study shared, will pass onto safety committee

    5. Oak Wilt

      1. Detected in our area


  1. Suggestions from the board

    1. Approve minutes and agenda and upload to website.

    2. Annual meeting – members had a hard time hearing at the last meeting, investigate buying a sound system, maybe share cost with Oak Leaf Club.


  1. Future scheduled meetings

    1. Organizational meeting of the Board of Directors

      1. Sometime in October, date, time, and place TBD

    2. Spring-Board Meeting - Saturday, May 20th, 2023 @ 9am, location TBD

    3. Annual Member meeting - Saturday, June 24th, 2023 @ 9am, location Newaygo High School


  1. Adjourn

    1. Motion to adjourn by Tom F., seconded by Zach, motion passed.

    2. Adjourned 11:48 am

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