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Check back often for the latest happenings on Emerald and Sylvan Lakes!



Bear activity is way down this year compared to last year! But it's always safe to be alter and have a little bear safety info.

So be aware, alert, and smart when it comes to roaming bears!

Below are a few key tips to stay safe:

  • Don't leave food (even pet food) outside or on porches.

  • Keep all trash in bins...preferably bear proof bins.

  • Don't put sunflower seeds in your bird feeders.

  • If you see a bear while walking the lakes...make lots of noise. DO NOT RUN AWAY. It will think you are dinner.

Download more information about bear safety



To ensure weeds don't take over our beautiful lakes, we contract a company to spray twice a year. In past years, we've seen great results and hope for the same this year.

As of now, Emerald and Sylvan Lakes are scheduled to be sprayed on June 8th and July 20th

Click the icon to download the latest weed spraying notice for further details regarding the treatment.



Our lakes are a habitat of the Common Loon (Gavia immer).

They are protected wildlife and it is against State and Federal law to bother or harass loons. Please enjoy these beautiful water foul from a distance!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Protect Loons and their chicks when boating by not chasing them.

  • Steer away from Loon family flocks.

  • If you suspect Loons are nesting in any area, leave them in peace.

Download more information about Loon safety

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